Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So Long, Treadmill

Dear Mr. Treadmill--

It was a good ride. In fact, pushing myself to run a full 2 miles on you was exhilarating last week, but alas, my knees despise, they LOATHE you. So much so, that they complained for 3 days straight until I could no longer handle the pressure. I guess we're just not meant to be right now. Hopefully circumstances will change for us in the not too distant future and I hope you'll be waiting for me when they do. Until then, please don't be discouraged when you see me give my daily 300 calorie burn to Mr. Elliptical.

It's not that I don't want to run on you--I wanted nothing more than to hit that 5K this month--but my knees need Mr. E's gentleness right now, and I must put them above my competitive drive. Thank you for your understanding.

Until we meet again,


Marisa said...

I SO prefer the elliptical to the treadmill. You can get the feel of running without hurting your knees. Wise choice!

Jonesy said...

Definitely better on the knees, but I still prefer really running. Especially if I want to work my way up from a 5K. Don't know if I'll ever get to do a marathon (thank you, knees), but I'd really like to, and in order to do that I have to RUN!!! :)