Sunday, March 4, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Our humble abode. Forgive the mess in the pictures; we're still trying to move in! :)

 Our western view of Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake from the kitchen/back deck.
 Our eastern view from the front room of the Wasatch Mountains.
 Dining area. We can actually fit our entire family around the table and there's no need to push it in & out!
 Our more-than-one-butt-kitchen!  :)  So happy with the bar and amazingly sturdy bar stools!
 Another view of the kitchen.
 Our huge backyard with peach, plum, cherry, apple and pear trees!
 Large back patio that runs the length of the house!
 Living room with brick fireplace.  That puppy kept us warm for 4 days while waiting for our gas to come on.
 Master bath.  Yep.  ALL MINE. (Ok, Mike can share it with me....)
 Main upstairs bathroom.