Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Quiet Minute

Dixon needed a time-out from church today, so I left Relief Society to bring him home to his bed. Now I'm sitting here A L O N E with about a million things that I could be doing before everyone else gets here, but I decided to plop on the couch and get caught up on a little journaling while it's Q U I E T.

1. The morning study/workout routine has been going wonderfully! By the end of the week I could "run" a full mile again without stopping, though I'm sure the old man on the treadmill next to me was worried that he might have to jump off and revive the girl with the bright red face. I'm grateful that my body has decided to allow me to move again, for the time being. Oh yeah, and I dropped 2.5 lbs. last week, so that made me pretty happy as well.

2. We spent almost the entire day in the garden yesterday, planting cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and zinnias, as well as tilling and digging up the walkways to put down weed barrier. Sure makes the beds look nice, outlined by the clean walkways. I didn't even think about getting my camera out yesterday, so maybe I'll take advantage of the beautiful day today and go take some pictures. We have 2" peas, onions, lettuce, spinach, beets and radishes popping up, and the potatoes have started to make their way up through the dirt as well. Our asparagus is growing like crazy, but we've yet to pick any. Some were nice thick stalks, but it grew so fast that before we knew it, some of it had ferned already. I'm considering going out today and picking a couple just to have some fresh stuff for dinner.

3. I purchased a cutting mat and rotary blade yesterday, which made my tie cutting SO MUCH FASTER! I'm very excited to start cutting again tomorrow, to see what I can get done. I got another shipment of fabric in this week so I could start building up my inventory for the fair. I feel like there's so much to think about and get done before it gets here that I'm kinda glad it's the only fair I've entered so far.

4. I got sick of my red living room, so I took down my curtains, sewed some new ones and recovered all my pillows with greens, blues and browns. I even repurposed a couple of old sweaters into pillows..they're my faves.

5. Dixon has started to stand without help. He always looks around to find someone to cheer for him when he does. It's adorable.

6. Brooke taught herself how to ride her bike without training wheels yesterday. Mike fixed up the bikes as best he could, attached the trailer to his bike and took the kids all the way over to the mortuary parking lot to ride after hours. They had a BLAST! I'm afraid I'm going to be hearing lots of, "Mo---om, can we go ride our bikes at the mortuary?" this summer.

7. Mike has decided to take the month off from planning any dates for us. Therefore, I may protest next month by planning dates for myself. Like, a pedicure while he's at work, or maybe some clothes shopping...

8. My morning scripture study has been such an influence on the rest of my day. I've felt compelled to study patience, and as a result have been more aware of my lack of it. On the days I choose to exercise it more, I feel happier and more in control. A thought came to me as I studied that to wait on the Lord is not a waste of time.

9. We found out today that our Stake Presidency is being released at Stake Conference in four weeks. Mike was informed this morning that Elder Bruce C. Hafen plans on interviewing each of the High Councilmen during that time. Hope he doesn't get an ulcer.

And with that, the kidlets have returned...


Fiddlefish said...

Bruce C. Hafen?!!! He has some amazzzzzzzzzzzzing books out. Wow! So lucky!

julie said...

Good job on all the hard work! Gardening, remodeling, weight loss, and good parenting! Keep it up!

Jen said...

Your life always makes mine feel so unproductive... Even your down time is productive!

I've been working on the patience thing lately too. My daily mantra is "practice makes patience"...I just have to force myself to be patient and I find that it feeds itself.

Thanks for the update! And congrats on the weight loss!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jen! I have my days, believe me. I'm not always as productive as it seems on here. If I blogged about all the times I sit wasting time on my laptop, someone might spring an intervention on me. And since I need it to run my business, that may not be so great. I do love it when I get lots done, though, so I try to post about it so I'll remember how great it felt. Love your're right that patience begets patience. Have you read Elder Uchtdorf's conference talk fromt he priesthood session? Seriously great!
Julie--thanks! Though I feel like everything is only half done...
Tara--Kinda bummed it isn't a husband/wife interview.