Tuesday, September 28, 2010

News...of sorts.

Hey there!  Remember me?  Amanda.  Yeah really.  I'm just checking in to say I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...yet.  I'm in the process of getting my new website up and running, which is more work than I had previously thought it would be, but that's mostly because my attention to detail is--shall we say--lacking.  Oh well.  I'm also busy with boutiques and fairs on the weekends which has turned out to be quite easy and profitable.  At least, it would be if I didn't have to put all my profit back into the company right now.  The price of a brand new business, I suppose.  I'm excited about all the ideas swimming through my head, though sharing them right now would not be so smart... ;)

On another note, we had another Activity Days activity (that sounds weird, but I didn't know how else to word it) tonight that was really fun.  The girls are learning a new song and they'll be singing it in Sacrament Meeting in a few weeks.  As they sang I had this vision of all these beautiful little girls in a few years as Young Women--almost got teary.  They sounded beautiful and all of them were excited to find out they get to perform.  I'm loving this age because their attitudes haven't gotten the best of them just yet.  One of the girls even brought me a little picture frame with a heart in it and said she'd been saving it for a long time for something really special.  Heart strings officially tugged.

For my other calling, I've contacted a local Professional Organizer who's coming to give our Relief Society her "Top Ten Tips", followed by a Swap Meet in the cultural hall.  I'm WAY excited for this one!

And here's the biggest news of all.....

I've kept my kitchen clean for an ENTIRE WEEK!!!  I can't believe it either!  Living room, not so much, but I'll take what I can get at this point.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am not a girly girl. I know that's a surprise to some of you, {insert mad, rolling laughter here} but because of my general lack of femininity, I had never participated in a lot of activities that some might consider "girly" For instance, Etsy. If you had told me a year ago that Etsy would change my life, I would've given you a blank stare and probably asked you what an etsy was. And then, of course, there are the craft fairs. Not as ignorant of them as I was Etsy, I still would've scoffed at you if you had told me that I would soon survive Hurricane Hilda as I clutched my merchandise in my tight little fist to keep it from flying out to the middle of Bear Lake. So when I first made the decision to start selling ties, I really didn't know where to go or how to drum up business. It was just not a scene that I was ever into. I owe a big thanks to some great friends (Heather, Tara, & Jen) for pointing me in the right direction, and for all the advice and help along the way.

Recently I made another discovery that I had been completely oblivious to until now, and that's Boutiques. Etsy wasn't too much of a stretch for me, since selling on the internet is what I had intended to do in the first place. Craft fairs were a little more intimidating though, since I feel like labeling me a "crafter" for making ties is like calling me a "scrapbooker" because I put together a scrapbook of Maggie's baby pictures once. (Not at all cute, either...) However, I did survive that experience and sold about 150 ties while there. Not bad for a first-timer! But when I was approached to be a vendor at a traveling boutique, I was really thrown for a loop. I'd heard of them before, but I just never thought I'd EVER be interested in going to one, let alone PARTICPATING in them.

It was at this point that Mike and I sat and had a really frank talk about where this was headed. Having a little extra income has been much needed, but we had to decide if it was worth the cost to us and our family. I've been lucky enough (though sometimes it feels more like being sentenced...you SAHM's know what I mean) to stay home with my children while they are small. Because of that decision, we've gone without a LOT of things, and had to sacrifice a LOT of things. Sometimes it's really hard. Really, really, really HARD. Especially when I see others' seemingly easy lives. But as hard as it's been, I don't ever, and will never, regret staying home with them. That being said, one of the reasons I've been so excited about PickleFace Place is that I get to decide when I work. I get to decide if I work. I get to decide how much to work, and I can do it all from the comfort of my "spot" on the living room couch. Of course, OTHER things have been sacrificed because of it (like gardening and canning this summer, {dang it!} and the general cleanliness of my home), but I'm beginning to understand better that everything I do comes at the expense of something else, and more often than not, it's several something else's.

Armed with all of our resolve to do what's best for the children, and our family in general, Mike and I decided to say yes to my first Boutique, Mindy Mae's Market. I was nervous and intimidated, considering I'd never even BEEN to one before, but once I got there and met Nikki, she made me feel very much at ease. I was a little disappointed in the venue itself (only about 15 vendors, and the dance studio location was NOT ideal), but I made about $200 in 12 hours. I've been told that the venues for the remaining boutiques are in model homes, and they attract twice as many vendors and at least that much more foot traffic, so I'm pretty optomistic about the rest of them. The best part about the whole experience, though, was meeting such GREAT people. And I mean that sincerely and genuinely. Nikki (owner of Mindy Mae's Market) is a jewel, and I just know that we'll be friends the rest of our lives. Carol (PR for MMM) sat and talked with me for probably a good hour, and it felt like we were long lost friends. I was just so impressed with every one of the vendors and all the ladies involved that I am completely investing in Mindy Mae's Market for the long haul. I feel lucky to have found a niche that I feel so completely comfortable in, and so GOOD about!

So, I guess this means I've turned a little girly. Just a little. But don't tell anyone.

I'll be doing other boutiques for the next two weeks.

Simple Treasures @ the Davis County Fairgrounds in Farmington Sept. 22-25
Hollyhock Boutique in West Point Oct. 1-2

Then its back to Mindy Mae's Market @ the Clinton Destination Homes Model Home Oct. 15-16.

I'm totally excited about the next MMM because well be having yummy food, mani-pedi's and MASSAGES available as well as all the great clothes, accessories and home decor for sale! Doesn't it just sound heavenly? Hope you can come!