Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Great Expectations

I already outlined the events occurring up to "The Calling," Mike received, but there is a little bit of information that I neglected to disclose.  You see, about two days after we were called in to meet with the Stake President, Amanda passed her little white stick test.  Yep...  Stringham #6 is on HIS way!  For those of you who were there when I swore up and down that Dixon's miserable pregnancy would absolutely be my last, you may not know the whole story.

Three days after that blessed little son came into our lives, I sat gently rocking him one night.  In the quiet, the most overwhelming feeling came over me, and I KNEW he was supposed to have a brother.  You can imagine my emotions as I sat there, enduring through another agonizing afterpain...

I find it ironic that at the same time Mike and I felt that the timing was finally right, that he would receive a call to be Bishop.  Sometimes the Lord's humor is lost on me.  And if this baby turns out to be a GIRL....I may need to schedule an interview with the Bishop.

Oh yeah, our due date is 11/11/11.  What's up with that?