Sunday, August 15, 2010

Too Soon

I'm going to make a big confession here...

I only bathe my children once a week.

That's right. Saturday is bath/shower day here because frankly, I can't handle the watery mess more often than that. Not only that, but I stopped letting them take baths together long ago when more water ended up on me or the floor than actually in the tub. You can therefore imagine how time-consuming and hot-water consuming it is to get all 5 kids clean. So there ya have it. Our little non-hygienic secret is out. So, why the confession? In a word, Maggie.

Maggie is my super-energetic, smart, sweet, kind, almost 9 year old who gave me the biggest hug ever before bed last week.....and that's when I knew. She stunk. And not the regular kid-stink, either. I mean, I realize we've been a little crazy-busy around here lately, but I'm certain she'd had a shower just a couple of days earlier, so the following morning, I took another whiff. Oh dear heavens!

I said, "Maggie, will you do me a favor and smell your armpit?"
"Ewwww! No way, Mom!"
"Seriously, just smell it and tell me what you smell."
So she did. Her response?
"EWWWWWW!!!! I smell like YOU!!!!!"

So. There ya have it. My NINE year old now smells like a stinky teenager and will now be showering and wearing deodorant every day.

I can't believe it's happening already.


Jennifer said...

That is funny! She's growing up!! I can't believe it!! I do have to say you're probably not going to be able to get away with that "once a week" shower thing with Dixon too much longer. Well, if he is anything like my boys he will be filthy from HEAD to TOE every day. So in my house we either bathe every day or I'm washing sheets every other day. Since the laundry pile is already large enough...I choose the the daily shower ;)

Fiddlefish said...

We had to do the same thing with Taylor starting the summer before 4th grade. He showers every day, puts deodorant on in the morning, and again at night before he goes to bed.

Marisa said...

My 10 and 12 year olds shower at least every other day. The other two can still get away with the saturday night bath. It is strange when your kids start to have BO. They grow up way too fast!