Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 1

Dear Mr. S--

Today was a pretty good day. I got up at 5:17, but I really did try to be up at 5. Guess staying up until 11:00 the night before school starts wasn't the best idea. I made eggs and toast for breakfast so the girls would have some "brain food" and they were actually attentive as we read scriptures this morning. Hope you don't mind that we decided to start all over in 1 Nephi.

Got all the laundry washed today (folding is on the agenda for tomorrow) and even tidied the mud room, all while Dixon practiced going up and down the stairs. I'm not quite ready to let him off all on his own yet, but if he keeps doing this well we won't have to holler at the girls to shut the door much longer!

Bridget complained of being hungry ALL MORNING LONG, and finally I had her lay on our bed to take a nap because she was just so ornery! It was so heavenly having the 3 girls at school and Bridget and Dixon napping for 2 hours together today! I pulled and washed the couch covers, cleaned under the couches, swept the floor, repositioned the rug, cleared off all the junk on the piano, organized paperwork, paid some bills, and ran a load of dishes. Maybe Bridget should nap with Dixon everyday!!!!

After the kids woke up, we dropped off your pile of old jeans and my bag of old shirts at DI and then picked up the girls. They talked nonstop all the way home about everything that happened at school (exhausting me!), and after homework and piano I started dinner. Taquitos, pierogies, and corn. I know--totally healthy. I just haven't made it to the store yet, nor have I even gotten menus or a shopping list ready. Maybe tomorrow I'll tackle that one. Not the shopping, just the planning. I'll wait to shop when you get home. I know I'd be down to less than half of my usual gaggle with only the two kids, but the truth is, even one kid is a burden at the supermarket.

The apple crisp is sitting on the stove, waiting to be devoured, knowing that it only makes an appearance when you are not around to turn your nose up at it, so we'll be digging into that tomorrow...

Today I weaned Dixon from his bottle, and he was just fine. Now if we can just get the girls to stop asking him if he wants his ba-ba, we'll be in good shape.

That's about it for today. I'm exhausted, and it looks as if I didn't learn last night's lesson about going to bed at 11:00. Oh well. I got your message on my phone last night, and the note you left on our bed. How do I deserve you?

Hope you haven't met anything bigger or hairier than you in the last 24 hours. (Well, except Matt, of course...)

Love you and miss you.

Mrs. S.

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