Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 2

Dear Mr. S.--

Today was.......less......good......than yesterday. A lot less. Dixon decided to wake up at 11:45, insisting on being fed a bottle. I was too tired to fight it. The alarm going off at 5 am was therefore a rude awakening to say the least. I turned it off and immediately fell back asleep. Luckily I woke up again just before 6, so I willed myself out of bed to get breakfast ready for the kids. (When I say "ready" I mean opening up their yogurt and pouring in the Bran Buds.) Apparently, the girls were all feeling the same as I was because it was like pulling teeth to get anyone to do anything they were supposed to this morning, and I was surprised that only one of them had to go change their clothes before leaving for school. (I'll let you guess which one that was...)

Bridget's day was a little better than yesterday, but I sure missed having her take a nap! In fact, Dixon only took about half of his usual nap, so I really got gypped. Hopefully now he'll be too tired to get up until morning. (Probably helped that I gave in with the bottle tonight.)

Meredith and the boys came to play for a while this afternoon. Somehow the kids ended up pulling down that wire that stretches from the house to the garage and were swinging on it. Not sure what kind of wire it is, but thankfully no one was hurt by it. I don't know what to do with it, so I'll just let you take care of it when you get home. You can take care of the dishwasher, too. For whatever reason, it decided to stop working today. Wish I could do that.

From about 3:00 on, chaos ruled. Maybe I can blame it on the yogurt they all ate this morning. I didn't check any expiration dates.... I dunno, but it was all I could do not to put them all in bed at 5:00.

Today was not all lost, though. I got my shipment of shirts in today!!! Yay!!! I've been matching up different ties to different shirts, and of course, I was having so much fun that I want to keep one of every shirt and one of every tie for Dixon!!! I'm trying to figure out how to photograph them so that I can get them up on my site (though I'm still uncertain if Etsy will let me sell them as sets since the shirts aren't handmade), but I may just have to consult with Jen on this one since my creativity is sadly lacking in that department.

So now, I'm done. Shirts and ties are strewn over the living room, toothpaste is all over the bathroom sink I cleaned earlier today, and the kitchen has a countertop and a dishwasher full of dirty dishes that I simply didn't have the energy to tackle by hand tonight, so I'm going to bed. Wish I was crawling in next to you. I miss you, and I can't wait for you to come home and resume your dishwashing and putting the kids to bed duties. Now I remember why I handed those jobs over to you. I hope I--I mean, WE--can survive the next two days without you. Please stay away from the bears.

Mrs. S.

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