Friday, February 19, 2010 it possible?

I'm trying to see if I can actually get a post plunked out in under 15 minutes. I struggle with wanting to devote time to this online journal, and taking care of things on the homefront. If only my mind was quicker and I didn't rewrite things 300 times before posting, with about a thousand edits in-between, I'd be able to spend less time keeping up with this!
Anyway, today is short day at school, and I'm busily ironing fabric to get ready for sewing before the girls all get home. I spent about 3 hours cutting out 66 ties and 66 straps yesterday, and I've figured it will take me just over an hour to iron all the straps. Forgive me for all the logistics, but I need to figure out how much time it takes me to do the ties so I can price them well enough to make more than minimum wage off them! Time is money, right?
Thanks to Heather for advice on the business end, Tara for the good ideas and encouragement, and Jen (my hero!) for being my official photographer & ad-maker! I hope to get the initial batch of ties done this weekend so I can get this ball rolling. I have a tentative date of March 15th for my Grand Opening, so mark your calendars--all 4 of you who read this!

Ok, so that was my 15 minute test-run, with no edits or rewrites. Yikes. I'll work on it.