Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dating Packets

So here's the great dating idea I told you about. Shauna posted this on Project 52: Date Nights that she puts together date packets at the beginning of the year, with pre-purchased tickets, gift cards, etc. that way everything is all ready to go and there are no excuses like, "We can't afford to," or "It's too late to get tickets." I think it's a perfect thing to do right now as we eagerly await our tax return. Why not set aside a little bit of money to fund our dates for the whole year? It's like an insurance policy on your marriage, or like tithing--pay it first, right? We're already getting our packets ready, and since we love the idea of them being a surprise for each other, we're each taking a whole month. Doesn't this sound fantastic? I can't wait to see what Mike has planned for the rest of the month.

Oh, did you hear my news in the previous post? Ties. Lots of them.


Jen said...

I love it! Now I just need to find some money at the beginning of the year to fund the rest of the year!

Kate said...

Dave and I are going to do it too. He wasn't so excited about the planning everything all at once thing (he says he likes to be more spontaneous) so I am going to plan all of mine now and he will have the money for his and do it his way:) Thanks for the idea!!! If he doesn't read the blog can you give us some ideas of what you are planning?