Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jumping In

So, I'm doing it. I finally decided to stop thinking about it all the time and just do it.

I think I may be crazy.

I found my way to Hobby Lobby this afternoon and purchased 1 yard each of eight fabulous fabrics, and began cutting out ties. Yup. I'm officially going into business! I've had a lot of people asking about the ties I've made for Dixon--Where can I get one? How do I make them? Will you make me one?--so I'm opening up an Etsy shop and will get it up and running as soon as I get the ties sewn and photos taken. I'm nervous because part of me wants people to flock to my site because they think my ties are amazingly adorable and they absolutely HAVE to have one or three. (Okay, so maybe MOST of me wants that.) But I'm also thinking that I'm a little cuckoo because, really, when will I have time to sew all these ties? I think I see a productive date night in the future....

So here's to new adventures! I'll keep you posted as to when the site's up and running, and where it's at. Wish me luck!


chelsea said...

amanda I can sale your ties in the gift shop I work in. It would be on consignment. Maybe 6 at a time. Let me know and I will ask my boss

Fiddlefish said...

Good for you!!!! I was just thinking the other day about your ties, and where you got the pattern for them. (Knowing you, you came up with it on your own). You might consider an Ebay store, as well as boutiques in SLC or Park City. I don't know if you have Kid-to-Kid where you live, but they sell baby blessing dresses/suits. Your ties would do well there, too. Good luck!

Fiddlefish said...

Or also at like hospital gift shops. They always have trendy cute clothes there. You could make a Dad size and a kid size -- market it as a child's gift for Father's Day.

Jonesy said...

Chelsea--you are the BEST! I'll call you and we'll work out some details.
Tara--You're totally right, I did come up with my own pattern. I took apart one of Dixon's hand-me-downs that was a little too 80's, then made adjustments as to the shape and some of its mechanics. Then I figured out how to make bigger versions of it. (As if I had nothing else to do...)
I'll keep your ideas in mind as I start to pull all this together. I'm realizing this could get really complicated really fast!