Monday, February 22, 2010

Date 2 of 52--Peanut Butter M&M's Gin

With no mention of anything in the works, I was a little concerned when Saturday night rolled around that Mike had forgotten he was supposed to plan our date this week. (We haven't started out packets yet, since we're still awaiting our tax return.) This was almost confirmed when after putting the kids to bed, he plopped himself on the couch and started watching Olympic speed skating. He's never been good at hiding anything, though, so as the corner of his mouth turned up a bit, I knew he was just trying to fool me into thinking he hadn't remembered. You'd think he'd know by now that he's the WORST LIAR IN THE WORLD. Not that that's a bad characteristic to have, but it makes hiding things from your wife pretty much impossible.
He took my sewing machine off its little table & dragged it over between the two couches, then whipped out a deck of playing cards. Gin! When we were first married and living in the little red brick apartment, we used sit on the couch together and play gin while watching TV. It had probably been that long since we'd played! Only this time, no TV, and we had an added bonus as Mike opened up a BIG bag of peanut butter M&M's--my favorite! There was a catch, though. Instead of just snacking on them while we played, we made it a rule that you could only snack if you won the hand. As soon as you lost, you had to give the bag to the other until you won again. Let's just say that some of those hands lasted a really, really long time. (I won't give away who deliberately dragged it out, but I will refer you to 5 sentences back.)
It was actually a really nice date together. Would've been better if I hadn't remembered at 9:37 that I needed to get the Sacrament Meeting Program done and sent off to the Bishop by 10:00, but what do you do? Sometimes things just come up, no matter how good your intentions are. It was probably a good thing I forgot because as soon as I had my "oh, crap" moment, Mike had his as he remembered he needed to call and set up a meeting for Sunday morning to extend a call.
We played a couple more hands after our business was all taken care of, but we're getting old and staying up later than 10 is getting harder and harder to do. i know, we're boring. But I kinda like being boring with him.

Two dates down, 50 to go!


Jen said...

Sounds fun...I'm curious how your "love letter" blog is going. Do you both remember to put stuff on it regularly?

Dave said...

I don't know if you already know about but it would be a good way to save more money while buying your gift certificates for your dates. They have a promotion going right now that you can save an additional %10 when you purchase $100 worth of certificates plus free shipping. The promo code is 352900. I did it and was able to get lots of fun date stuff for that $100. This is Kate by the way. Not sure why it signed me into Dave's account. Happy shopping!

Jonesy said...

The private blog is really nice, though I admit I write a lot more than Mike does. It's okay, though because life's been a little crazy lately and he doesn't have much time to get on the computer right now.

Thanks for the tip, Kate. I'll check it out! Also, since Mike does read this blog when he finally gets online, I'll leave some date ideas in your blog comments. (No peaking, Mike!)