Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Girls

At first glance, this photo doesn't strike one as very spectacular...a shot from behind of four little girls, all holding hands amidst a garden of flowering bulbs. Nice. Cute. But that's what draws me to all different forms of art, especially photography. It gives me an opportunity to glean what I will from the endless possibilities of meaning contained within one single piece. This photo in particular, has evoked a flood of emotion as I've spent the past little while contemplating with tear-filled eyes, what it represents to me.
Of course, these four little girls aren't just any little girls--they're MY little girls. A humbling thought, as I know they have been sent to me for some wise purpose that I'm just beginning to scratch the surface of understanding. As their mother, I take my place where I can get the best view, watching from behind as they learn to make their own decisions and deal with the ensuing consequences of those choices. I guide where I can, picking them up if they stumble along the way, encouraging them to reach higher, and applauding all their efforts.
Bridget, Brooke, Maggie, Katie
Each of these four little girls is as unique as the dress they wear, and yet they have already learned that standing together, side by side, is where they want to be, despite any differences they may have. They have the whole wide world ahead of them, and they are ready to face it together, hand in hand.
It dawns on me that all mothers must surely feel this way about their children--the neverending reservoir of love for each of them, and simultaneous grave responsibility for the soul of another. Makes me appreciate and love my mom more deeply and with more respect than I ever had the capacity to before. It also reminds me of four other little girls, whose mother still stands behind them after all these years.
Meredith, Amanda, Julianne, Emily
See, it's not just a picture...


Fiddlefish said...

What a beautifully phrased entry, Amanda. Your girls are beautiful.

MOMof7 said...

I am truly at a lose for words. (I know, not at all in character for me!) A whole jummble of thoughts are pouring through my mind right now. Mostly of us growing up. That picture has movement for me. Tug of wars and hugs, pushes and pulls, love and intolerance. It certainly has changed throughout the years, hasn't it? I love what you've seen and the parallels that you found. Life...could it get any better? I love you!! I always have...