Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My sister, Meredith is having her fourth boy next week, but has yet to come up with a name for her bundle of joy, as she's run out of boy names! I'm on the lookout for suggestions from all you in cyberworld.
Some helpful information:

*Her other boys are named Zachary Tyler, Wesley David, and Benjamin Nathan. All shortened to one-syllable nicknames: Zach, Wes, and Ben. She'd like to keep within the system. :)

*Her last name is Lowe. This prevents many cute names from being considered, i.e. Joel Lowe (jell-o), Brock Lowe (broccoli), etc.

Anyway, you get the idea. Any suggestions would be helpful & I'll pass them along to her! Thanks!


Fiddlefish said...

William (Will), Jacob (Jake), Nathan (Nate), Christopher (Chris)....Hmm. Aren't I original? LOL

Marisa said...

Jonathan shortens well to Jon! I'm lucky I only have one boy, because I think boy names are the hardest to choose. I can't use any associated with boys who teased me in elementary school, old boyfriends, things like that.

Jill said...

Thomas (tom), Jonathon (Jon), Samuel (sam), Benjamin (ben)-these are all of the names of my sister-in-law's boys. She too wanted a one silable namers. Also in the running was William (will)