Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Faves

I couldn't help but post my favorite shot of each of the girls. In this one, Maggie looks as if she's not a little girl anymore! In fact, she grabed her "Hannah Montana" purse the other day, flung it onto her shoulder and asked, "Do I look like a teenager now?" It has begun...

Brooke spent the entire photo shoot posing as if she were America's Next Top Model. She's probably the most girly of the bunch and likes to wear dress-up shoes around the house constantly. If she could wear a dress or skirt everyday, she absolutely would! I love how this picture captures all of her sweetness!

Katie has a laugh that is completely infectious! She's a silly little girl who loves to play and make up jokes, then belly laugh at her own hilarity. She wakes up in the morning with hair a beauty queen would be envious of, and one day she'll actually appreciate it!

Bridget is still Little Miss Independent. Of all the girls, she is the most stubborn--can't imagine who she inherited that from...You can always see the gears turning in her head, and it's been so fun to watch her figure things out. Somehow she has an understanding of things that surpasses her three years, and I'll be lucky if I can keep up with her very much longer!

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heather said...

I love these as well. They are the cutest set of girls.