Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I took a little break from the impromptu kitchen remodel to do a little blog-hopping while eating my lunch.  One of my favorites is Asking Jane, whom I've mentioned before is a mother of eleven who blogs about life and answers letters from women who are just beginning their mothering journey.  I'm compelled by her loving attitude and have never found one piece of advice that is not useful and important.  Today was no exception.   
Because my daily to-do list is always so enormously long that I never get to finishing it all, I tend to jump straight to the things that I WANT to do, rather than doing things in ORDER.  This of course, leaves lots of important things out of my day because I simply don't want to do them.  I justify it by being busy ALL DAY LONG, and at the end of the day declaring, "Look at everything I got done!"  Jane's post today  put things into some much-needed perspective for me, and I'm grateful that  she takes the time to share her wisdom with strangers like me.  I very easily could find myself in the same category as some of her friends who she watched "struggle with their faith, lose their testimony, and let go."  That's a pretty powerful reality to come face-to-face with, and so easy to neglect your way there.
I love the scripture she shared at the end of her letter.  It's one that I don't recall having heard before, but it opened my heart to a new reality.  A hopeful, faithful one.

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