Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Different Kind of Halloween

 We lucked out for Halloween this year.  The Ward did our annual trunk-or-treat (which is becoming more tolerable as the kids get older) and the weather could not have been more perfect.  It was warm enough that no coats were needed and the kids meandered from one car to another without chattering teeth!  After we got home, I told the girls that the next day was supposed to be stormy and yucky, so they had a choice; they could go trick or treating in the rain, or they could stay home and watch a movie and have popcorn and cocoa.  Every single one of them wanted to stay home and watch the movie!!!!  I still can't believe they were  willing to forgo trick or treating this year, but who am I to complain?  We had a GREAT night watching How to Train Your Dragon and The Lightning Thief.  It was the best Halloween I've ever had!!!

Sumo Wrestler

 Pocahontas, Angel, White Witch (Narnia), Nadine Wimmer (KSL 5 news anchor)

The girls and their friends from school that they invited to our trunk or treat.  Their ward had replaced their own trunk or treat with a humanitarian project.  Good cause--not so fun for the kiddos, though.  The Watson family has 4 girls and one boy, all the same ages as ours except for their son, who is a twin to the oldest girl (9).  Yes, the tall girl in pink is 9 and is only 3 months older than Maggie.  Needless to say, their father is a giant.  Seriously. The little girl standing next to my angel Bridget is a year younger than she is.  Hopefully some of those tall Martindale & King genes will surface in growth spurts for our kids soon.  Until then, we'll keep looking up to the Watson's. 

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