Sunday, November 14, 2010

Handmade Christmas--Bridget

 I know, It's a bit too early for a Christmas post, but because I get to help 5 kids (plus myself) put together handmade presents again this year, of necessity I start early.  This year, Bridget was easy.  She's home by herself with Dixon, who is still young enough to be oblivious to all the goings-on around him.  We wandered around Hobby Lobby, trying to decide what to do, when we spotted these sweet little plastic mugs at Hobby Lobby for 87 cents.  You read that right. EIGHTY-SEVEN CENTS!!!!  The girls are always fighting over our various cocoa mugs, so this is just the perfect solution--AND it was easy enough for Bridget to do all by herself.   
It comes with some paper that you can color, but I just printed off everyone's name in a different font and Bridget decorated them with different colored stickers. Yes, that is her name.  Yes, she insisted on doing one for herself.  Oh well.  I would've done one for her anyway so she wouldn't be left out!

 Won't these be so great to sip cocoa from on Christmas morning?  And who can beat an 87 cent gift?

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