Sunday, June 6, 2010

When It Comes Together...

First of all--for all you who were waiting with baited breath--Mike brought ALL the girls home with only minor incidents (that I was informed of) to report, including sunblock rubbed into an eye, and what Bridget was convinced was a mouse bite (spider) on her arm. Other than that, I now have about 15 loads of campfire-smelling laundry to do tomorrow. (Why is it that I get relegated clean up duty, when I wasn't even involved?)

Despite the lingering smell of burnt hot dogs wafting in intermittently from the mud room, reminding me of what torture awaits me in the morning (Anyone else find laundry torturous?), today has been a very relaxing day. After an indefinite hiatus from teaching, I was asked to sub in Relief Society. But you just said you had a very relaxing day! Yeah, I know. Strange as it is, I find that I'm most comfortable and relaxed when I get to teach. I wasn't always like this--7 years of practice had a hand in it--but this was only my second time teaching since being released from Gospel Doctrine over a year ago, and it was literally like riding a bike. I love it when all the elements of a great gospel lesson come together--knowledge of a topic, stemming from diligent study; the influence of the Holy Ghost in directing a discussion; the influence of the Holy Ghost in the reception of the message; and avid participation from everyone in the room. I always feel so lucky when I get to have an experience like that, because unfortunately, not every lesson is great. Sometimes I haven't studied long enough or deeply enough. Sometimes I haven't heeded the Holy Ghost's promptings in guiding the lesson. Sometimes the message falls on hardened hearts, and sometimes participation is severely lacking. Today, it was a great lesson.
As much as I've appreciated the thought behind leaving me calling-less for the past year (new baby, 5 kids by myself @ church, husband serving in the High Council), I'm starting to feel very restless in my desire to be of some sort of service in the ward. Yes, I visit teach. Yes, I put the Sacrament Program together. (Which is not an official calling.) But I feel as though I'm missing out on some of the blessings that I could be receiving by having the opportunity to magnify a calling. It's especially hard when I know our ward--and stake, for that matter--are hurting for people who willingly accept and fulfill callings, resulting in some carrying two or three at a time. Whatever the reasons, I hope that the Lord will soon find a need for me to fill.

For now, I'll just try to keep my children occupied and enjoying their summer, making ties-1000 of them!--for the upcoming Raspberry Days, and tending to my home and garden, which are full-time jobs in and of themselves. Oh, and if you noticed my mere .5 lb. weight loss last week, I maintain it's because I weighed-in fully clothed, on a full stomach, instead of in my shorts & t-shirt, still needing to eat breakfast. I guess we'll see if that theory holds up when I step on the scale again on Saturday.

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