Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now? Or Never?

Ever since I entered the stimulating world of crafting bloggers, I've been inspired over and over and over by things I would LOVE to make and do, but with time being as it is, I'm certain that only a portion of those things will ever come to fruition--if any. Like this sunburst mirror from Stephanie Lynn, which catapulted to the top of my list after I spotted it today:

So, here's my question....

When I finally die, will I get to finish all the projects on my list of "Things I'd Like To Do" or will I just not care about that anymore?


Tasha said...

Are you saying this is handmade? How is that possible? Super dang cute. And I'd love to see you pull this one off. There's now end to the super-human feets you accomplish! And I do imagine your mansion in heaven filled with handmade items and a huge craft room reserved just for you! :)

Jonesy said...

Would you believe it was made out of CEREAL BOXES????????? Pretty ingenious, I think. From the photo you can't even tell, but I do wonder what it looks like up close, ya know? Maybe after my "summer of ties" I can finally start doing some of the things on my list...maybe.

Oh, and, I don't know if I dare hope for a craft room all to myself, even in the afterlife!