Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break Part II

Flip Flops!!!!

Last month, I saw this great tutorial on how to make interchangeable flip flops, and I
immediately knew we had a fun Spring Break project on our hands! Ever since I brought home their new flip flops, the girls have been waiting on pins and needles to start decorating them. Well, today was that day!

And then we looked outside...

Doesn't that just scream "SPRING BREAK!" to you?

So after an hour or so playing in the frozen white North, building a pretty impressive snowman with Dad, and having one heck of a snowball fight, they finally conceded to the wet and came inside to start their project.We started off with these plain black ff's from Old Navy that I got on sale for $1.83/pair. That's cheaper than Walmart, AND they're better quality. Yay me! (Did I really just quote London Tipton? Little too much Disney Channel...)
I found this adhesive at Hobby Lobby. Hot glue will come apart too easily, so I found one that would adhere fabric to plastic.
I cut strips of velcro the width of the straps and angled the tops to fit nicely together. Then I used the rougher "hook" side to glue down. Next came my sewing machine, where I jumped ahead of myself and forgot to take a picture of how I folded the ribbon and sewed it into a "V". Oh well. (If you can't figure it out, just refer back to the original tutorial. I'm only adding my own here so I know I'll be able to refer back to this, even if the other site disappears.) After that, I took the corresponding "loop" side and sewed it to the ribbon down both sides.
The girls picked out their own ribbons and flowers and other adornments, resulting in these beauties.

I have to go buy some more velcro so I can get mine done now! It was a pretty easy project, and the girls are very excited to swap bands with one another. Of course, they won't be wearing them outside the house until Mr. Snowman has completely watered our lawn. From the looks of this before (10 am) and after (6 pm) shot, it may happen sooner than later. Of course, this is Spring in Utah.


Fiddlefish said...

You are amazing. Seriously adorable flip flops!

Anonymous said...

I dunno about amazing...I'm really good at copying others' ideas! :)
I love the ff's too and I'm excited to get my own done! Probably not until after Spring Break, though.

Jen said...

Hmmm.... I see a new Etsy product in your future!