Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Right Decision. (or, Date 4 of 52)

Now that it's March, I'm in charge of planning our dates for the month. I was SO EXCITED to surprise Mike with this first one, because I knew he was going to LOVE what I had planned, and I hoped it would set the tone for the rest of out dating experiences this year. Being a lover of all things BYU (and get this--he's from Wyoming!), and a lover of all things basketball (Laker fan. Ugh.), I got us tickets to the BYU/Utah basketball game last night. Nose-bleeders, mind you, but tickets nonetheless. I had Meredith lined up to sit for us, who was even willing to take the kiddos overnight! (You're all wishing she was your sister, right?) I was going to be a perfect date!

On Tuesday, Maggie came home a little distraught. She didn't pass her 7's. In order to attend her class's Fiesta on Friday, she had to pass off all her multiplication tables by Thursday, and she still had her 7's, 8's and 9's left. I knew she wouldn't be able to pass them off without some intense work, so after telling Mike about what I'd planned for our date, we agreed to forgo the game to stay home and help her study. Last night, Mike plopped himself down on the couch with his iPod in his ears, listening to the game while I quizzed Maggie on her 8's & 9's. I admit that I was pretty disappointed that we weren't at the Huntsman Center, right in the middle of all that fun.
After exhausting every brain cell, we called it a night and Maggie and I got up early this morning (5:30!) and worked some more on those tables. She didn't quite have it down by the time her carpool picked her up, but I prayed all day long that she'd be able to remember what she'd worked so hard on. I waited with baited breath as I picked her up from school today.

The giant grin on her face said it all! She'd passed!

All of a sudden, the disappointment of missing the game turned into complete joy at the accomplishment of my sweet girl. Heavenly Father surely answers prayers, and blesses us for making sacrifices to help those we love the most. Now it's time to Fiesta!

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