Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello, Goodbye.

It's hard to complain that Mike hasn't seen the kids for two days when we've been praying so desperately for work, but we've really been missing him around here. I'm grateful to be married to such a good man, who works so hard for his clients. They're pretty lucky to have him. So am I.


Tasha said...

Amanda, it is always so crazy to me how similar our lives are. From our weight loss, to goals, to debts, to insecurities, and apparently to wedding dresses :). So often you say exactly what it is on my mind, but probably better. I have to admit though that sometimes it's frustrating. I'll sit down with a post in mind to write, but then look at your blog and, what? Amanda just wrote about the same thing I was just about to. Craziness I tell ya! :)

I'm so glad Mike has work right now. Greg found a side cabinet job as well and so the last few weeks he has been working till midnight or later after his day job. Makes me appreciate single Moms. And also that I shouldn't pray for something unless I'm really ready for the answer. That's a hard one sometimes.

What's the job that Mike has right now? Should it be some steady income for a while or is it just a short gig? I hope he continues to find work. Hopefully with the weather warming up, things will start buzzing again soon. You guys are so great!

Jonesy said...

I'm intrigued by our parallel lives as well! I'm just waiting for the next thing we'll discover in common. You don't happen to have an obsession with garlic, do you? :)
It's funny that you mention my postings because it was after reading about Greg not getting home until midnight that I started feeling ungrateful for wishing Mike home--hence my post--though your writing is much more poetic than mine.
He's still plugging away at the business. As you know, the nature of the work is not long-term, which is part of the reason I stress so much. For now, he has a couple of weeks of work lined up. I really need to get moving on some kind of marketing strategy--I think that will greatly improve things around here. Too bad I know nothing about it. I almost think I should go back to school just to figure out how to run this business well! It's always something, isn't it?

Tasha said...

mmmm mmmmm.... I do love garlic. But I'm not enough of a cook to call it an "obsession." Darn! ;)

And I commend you for doing so much to help Mike's business. Going back to school would be very brave - and awesome - and brave.