Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to ENLARGE Photos on your Blog

I’ve had a couple of people ask how I make my photos so large on my blog, so I thought I’d attempt a tutorial on how to do it.

Start by adding a picture to your post. In the top right corner of your composition box, you’ll see two tabs. “Edit HTML” and “Compose.” You should already be on “Compose” Click on the “Edit HTML” button, and you’ll see something that looks like this:

This is the code for the picture you just uploaded. I highlighted the things you want to pay attention to. First, in red, the width & height of your photo. I just double the numbers. So, in this example, I change 300 to 600, and 400 to 800 (or whatever your dimensions happen to be). Second, in blue, I make sure that wherever I see “s(a number)-h” that it is at 1600, and “s(a number)” that it is at 800. For example, in this photo, we see “s1600-h” which I leave at 1600. We also see “s400” so I change that to “s800.”

After you’ve made the changes, click back over to your “Compose” button and you should have a photo that fills your column.

Good luck, and let me know how it works for you!


Tasha said...

You are Awesome! Thanks for the lesson. It worked. I'm so excited. Now I just need to learn to take better pictures so they will be worth blowing up that big! :)

I'm off to the store, but then I'm checking into Bloom. Can't wait to see what they had you write about.

julie said...

This tecnique makes half of my photo disappear. What am I doing wrong? Can I have side bars and still have larger photo's?
Thanks for the info though! GREAT to know!

Jonesy said...

Julie--You have a very narrow blog page, so the space allotted for your columns won't fit wider pics. If you want to widen them, check out this blog for instructions:

Of course, you'll have to get rid of your cute background, or your post will cover it up and be difficult to read. You may be able to find some free backgrounds that won't interfere with your posting, but I haven't really looked for any yet.

Joan said...

Thank you! I've always wanted to know how to make my pictures bigger :)
Ps: I found you on Bloom.

Jonesy said...

Hi Joan! I feel like I already know you through commenting on Bloom. Funny how that happens. Glad I could be of assistance. BTW, how was that email to your hubby? :)