Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween! Halloween! Lots of Fun on Halloween!

If any of you remember last year's Halloween post, you'll know how much I was looking forward to trunk-or-treat again. THANKFULLY, there was only a slight resemblance to the mayhem of Halloween '08. Kids were fairly well behaved and although I was trying to do the work of three people (Mike had to work a viewing), I managed to get my kids around to all the trunks, hand out candy, and take care of a cold fussy baby, all on my own! Ok, so I had a little help with walking the kids around to the trunks, but I really felt like I was Lynda Carter, hiding my secret Wonder Woman identity. A couple of turns in the parking lot and my costume would've been revealed! What a great trick--I'll have to keep that in mind for next year...

Hannah Montana, Rachael Ray, Miss Smarty Pants
& Tutu-wearing Gangsta Bunny (I really have no idea where she got this pose from...)

My girls and their Super Heroes! Batman, Spider-Man & Superman!
Not quite sure how the Bride & Puppy fit in.
Bridget as "Bunny"
Katie as "Rachael Ray"

Brooke as "Miss Smarty Pants"
Maggie as "Hannah Montana"

Zach as "Batman"
Wes as "Spider-Man"

Ben as "Superman"

Meredith--Trying to relive the happiest day of her life in MY wedding dress. I think Tyler was a little embarrassed by the photo shoot going on in his front yard...
If that's not creepy, I don't know what is. Happy Halloween!


Fiddlefish said...

You crack me up. Glad you all had so much fun!

Meredith said...

I look so glamorous!

Jonesy said...

You are the only one I know who can make the splits in a wedding dress look glamorous.

chelsea said...

What a crack up!! I would of loved to been on the front lawn too watching the shoot.