Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our ONE Day of Fall

So, before the snow flew this morning (Hello, Winter!), Mike was able to rake a few leaves up over at the mortuary while I worked on winterizing a couple of the garden beds here at home. Of course the girls opted to help Dad instead of me since one of their favorite things is jumping into piles of newly raked leaves. It also one of my favorite things to take pictures of. (Wish I had a great camera and some sweet photog skills.)

Dixon hasn't spent a lot of time outside in his short life, so he was loving the fresh air and crinkling leaves. I just can't get enough of this kid.

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Tasha said...

Amanda - what a great blog! Okay, so I'm so sorry I haven't checked it out sooner. I know you posted on my blog the other day, but I didn't realize it was you. The profile "pics" weren't showing and when I saw it was from "Jonesy" I thought it was one of my friend's whose last name was Jones. Fill me in - why is your blog named the Jonesy Files? It's probably something really obvious, but I'm blank. Anyway, I wanted to thank you (instead of the Jones girl I thought the post was from who is probably clueless about what I was thanking her for) for sharing that article on Bloom about the boys with the hearing loss. It was such a beautiful entry. I tried to read it outloud to Greg, but it was impossible to get the words out. Crazy thing I found out later, is that that family is in my sister's ward in Texas. And my sister has even been featured on Bloom (she didn't share that with the rest of the fam though - silly sis. Her name is Mimi Porter and they had a feature on her about photography. What a great blog Bloom is though). So thanks again, even though you didn't get the first message. :) I guess this is a long comment to be leaving. I probably should have just emailed you. Sorry. But, oh, one last thing, I do think you have incredible photography skills. Those pictures are amazing. I wish I could take a decent pic. One of these days I'll finally read through my camera instruction manual and figure it out. We still need to have you guys over one of these days!