Monday, October 26, 2009

Capturing the Everyday

A couple of weeks ago I read a great post about "Capturing the Everyday." It inspired me so much that I pulled out my camera to take a few pics of what was going on at the moment. Here's what I found:
Pizza Night at the Stringhams! I love making individual pizzas for the girls and letting them top their own. They think it's a blast, and I don't hear complaints about not liking dinner.

Dixon sat in his Bumbo, very interested in what was happening around him. He also liked to crinkle the plastic Walmart bag next to him--full of groceries yet to be put away. You'll notice the mail sitting on the table as well...

I love this one. Maggie's instructions to Bridget on how to top a pizza, all the while having a death grip on the remote control. You'll see a theme here--first groceries, then mail, now dirty dishes still sitting on the counter.

Yeah, this is my everyday. And it was a good one.

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Marisa said...

We just had make-your-own-pizzas last night--a great choice for dinner!