Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can I Ride the Gypsy?

Just call us the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Stringhams." As if the road trip to Oregon wasn't enough, I decided to pack the kids into the car and drive to Bear Lake for an overnighter on Monday. Mike's sister, Amy, and her kids Jason and Abby flew in from Portland for a 2 week vacation and wanted to spend a day in Bear Lake. So since Mike was working, I packed up the kids and made the 2-hour drive myself. (Can I just say that having older kids makes road trips SO MUCH BETTER?)

Much to the delight of the girls, we spent the night at Great-Grandma Dorothy's house, where they made a bee-line for the Hungarian Nesting Dolls and the little porcelain doll with the "boo-boo" on her knee. She was so great to read them stories and, well, we just LOVE little Grandma--love her!

The next day, the rest of the clan showed up--Barbers, Amy, Jason, Abby, Kevin, Matt, Maycee & Jentri--and we gorged on a picnic lunch of fried chicken, shrimp salad, potato salad...and who can leave Bear Lake without some of Grandma's Raspberry Cake? YUMM-Y! I should make the drive up there every weekend, just to indulge in all that deliciousness.

After we'd satisfied our healthy appetites, Dorothy volunteered for the burdensome job of cuddling with Dixon for the afternoon, and we headed out to the beach where Grandpa treated us to a 2-hour gypsy rental--oh I mean JETSKI rental. (I guess the girls are rubbing off on me.) It was seriously a BLAST, and I LOVED taking each girl out one at a time and having some one-on-one with them. Maggie and I got drenched trying to jump waves, and Brooke and I chased a flock of birds around the lake. Katie and I found a duck that kept diving under the water each time we got close, and Bridget was unusually quiet during her ride. All the shrieks and squeals, which are normally so annoying at home, were like music to my ears! What a great day!

Matt, Jason & Kevin

I LOVE this picture of Matt's little girl, Jentri.

Jason in a rare smile--you're welcome, Amy!

Couldn't resiste this picture of Bridget's little bum sticking up out of the muddy puddle.

Matt's other daughter, Maycee.

All the granddaughters--Brooke Stringham, Abby Adrian, Maycee Stringham, Bridget Stringham, Jentri Stringham, Katie Stringham & Maggie Stringham.

Bridget enjoying her juicebox without leaving the comfort of her warm puddle of water.

Maggie getting too tall for her mother's own good.

Grandma Barbara & Abby

Katie, finally getting brave enough to put her face in the water!

Brooke's shell collection that she adorned her sandcastle with.

Uncle Kevin with a little less on top than last time we saw him...good thing he has a nice looking head!!

Katie & Abby

Can't wait to make another trip to the lake--maybe next time Mike can join us?

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Looks like you had a great time!