Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maggie the Librarian

Maggie has been learning all about the life of a librarian for the last couple of months, doing research on the internet, typing up reports, creating an artistic representation of her career, and presenting her findings to her class and all the parents, along with a little Q & A. All this in 2nd grade!

First of all, I've been so impressed with her school, North Davis Preparatory Academy, and her teacher, Mrs. Coleman, because of the way they approach every subject in an all-encompassing way. This whole project is actually for a GEOGRAPHY unit, and yet it included language arts, art, math (graphing), public speaking, & research methods. It seems as though the kids learn so much better with this sort of three-dimensional way of teaching.

Second of all, I've been MORE than impressed with my girl, Maggie. She worked so hard on this project and did so well with her presentation! It wasn't until I became an adult that I got really comfortable with public speaking, but Maggie just loves being the center of attention, and has even spoken in Sacrament Meeting already at the tender age of 7. (After which she asked, "Can I do that again next week?")

She's growing up so fast, and is not only meeting, but surpassing all our expectations and hopes for her. While I'm thrilled that school is going so well for her--she's already passed all her 2nd grade benchmarks--I'm even more thrilled that she's becoming a kind and compassionate friend, who is always looking to befriend an outsider. She's a big help to me at home, with my lack of energy due to this pregnancy, and has taken over the vacuuming and has taught herself to do laundry. Of course, I still get to fold it and put it away, but the good news is that I'm slowly learning to relinquish control over SOME things.

Maggie, you are such an amazing girl & I'm so glad you and your happy smile were sent to our family! I love you, Maggers!

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