Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is It, or Isn't It Spring?

I'm still here, and my life still revolves around carpooling, cleaning and gardening. If it wasn't for the darn snow we got yesterday, I may have been able to do some soil testing, but at least I got one of my seed shelves up in the "multi-purpose room." I still have to buy the lights & rig it all up, but it looks as if I may have overestimated the number of flats I would need--YAY! Because of the different planting & transplanting times, I may be able to get away with just one shelf--two at the most! I'm very excited to start planting my seeds in 2 weeks because then I'll feel like I've actually started, even though I've been working for weeks already.

Okay, no more garden talk....umm...Brooke has her school play on Thursday this week. She gets to be a cowboy and do both a square dance and a line dance. She's so excited that she wears her boots everywhere and is always dancing and singing her Spanish songs. It will be fun to watch these Kindergarteners speak Spanglish!

Maggie has her Job Fair this week. Her career is Librarian, and she's having a blast with it. Mike went to her oral presentation in class today, and said she did a great job, though you could tell she was nervous. They use this one as a practice, and next week the parents are all invited to watch the presentations. Mike helped her build a bookshelf for her art project, then I held the stencils while she painted. She did do a little free-hand, which I had to just let go of and be okay with--not my strongest character trait...

As for me, I've hit that "not sleeping at all" point in my pregnancy, so I'm exhausted daily. It's such a pain when there's so much to do and I have to keep taking a break to rest. I started cleaning the living room at about 3 hours ago and though I've made a small dent, there's stll much to be done. Normally, I'd bust through it in about 45 minutes. Can't wait for my mother-in-law to come when I have this baby so she can hold him while I clean! I know, seems like it should be me holding the little guy, but I LOVE the energy I reclaim after giving birth, and I can finally feel accomplished again! Three more months--I might be able to wait...

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