Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Box

So, with my newly organized life (she says, tongue-in-cheek), I've decided to conquer yet another project...a Sunday Box. I got the idea from a yahoo FHE group I'm a part of, and I'd love to hear some ideas about what to include in it. The whole purpose of the SB is to give the kids something to do , in keeping with the spirit of the Sabbath Day. It's only brought out on Sunday, so everything in it stays fresh & hopefully they won't get bored with its contents. I thought about putting in paper & crayons or colored pencils, envelopes, stickers & stamps to write letters & make cards for family members & missionaries. I also want to include issues of The Friend w/ copies of their coloring pages, mazes, word searches, etc. for each of the girls. That's where my creativity hits a brick wall, which at this point, I'm just going to blame on the pregnancy...because I can. I'd LOVE to hear your ideas about additional items & I promise to share my completed box contents with you all!


Marisa said...

I don't know what your rules are, but we let the kids watch only "Sunday shows" on Sunday. They love the Liken series. Maybe you could include some DVD's in your box. Also, maybe some scripture flannel board stories or puppets.

Jonesy said...

Very good! Yes, we have a no TV rule on Sundays, too, but do let them watch The Living Scriptures videos we have...flannel would be great, since they play "primary" on Sundays anyway!

heather said...

Maybe folder games, Finch Family Fun Games, Veggie Tales DVD's, and we like the religious sticker scenes and crafts you can buy online at Oriental Trading co.