Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I got this as a tag from a Facebook friend, but thought it would be fun to keep here on my blog, since it took me FOREVER to come up with all of these!

1. I ran away from Kindergarten. I hid behind a sand dune during recess because I decided I didn't want to go to school anymore. Then after everyone was in, I walked the 1/2 block to my house, only to find my mom was gone, so I played in the backyard until I got bored and walked back to school. I'm surprised I didn't get into trouble as my Dad left work and the cops were everywhere looking for me!
2. I went to school "Little House on the Prairie-style" when I was in 5-7 grades. There were less than 50 kids in K-8th grade, so I shared a classroom w/ my older sister and the principle taught both grades!
3. At the same school, in Swan Valley, ID, we got every other Mon. off to be bussed up to Grand Targhee to ski for the day w/ the whole school...ahhh...that was the life!
4. I played Varsity volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis & track in High School.
5. I have a crazy hyper-memory, so I remember things and people, even if they don't remember me!
6. I had 36 different roommates through college, (most of them marrying after 1 semester...) and thanks to my hyper-memory, I can name them all, and the addresses we lived at!
7. I hate doing things twice. Movies, books, chores...I think that's why I get so frustrated with my children. I'm CONSTANTLY cleaning up the SAME messes!!!!
8. I'm so NOT detail oriented! I love the big picture!
9. I climbed to the top of Mt. Timpanogos when I was a Sophomore at BYU.
10. In college, I told everyone I was going to have 12 kids...11 boys & 1 girl for good measure....ironic?
11. I'm always right.
12. I used to skip out of Mr. Jamison's 7th period choir class, drive out to the lake, jump off The Rocks, then come back and start tennis practice early. I think he liked me, because I never once got in trouble.
13. I had a mission call to Oakland, CA, spanish speaking, temple visitor's center, but decided to to get engaged instead--thankfully I didn't follow through with the marriage, but I wish I'd gone on the mission!
14. Our first daughter, Hannah Rae, was stillborn. We miss her, but definitely have our hands full with the ones that are still here! Besides, we look forward to being perfect parents, raising a perfect child--definitely a change...
15. I hate root beer and black licorice. Believe me, I've TRIED to like them, but they make me gag!
16. I've lived in New York, Texas, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Utah.
17. I want to get my Master's degree in Public Administration, then start running for public office after my kids are all in school. I guess that will be a few years down the road!
18. I designed & built our back deck w/ minimal help from my hubby, the builder!
19. I LOVE working out--just wish my knees would love it as much!
20. I love watching Masterpiece Theater--Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte...I even got my hubby to watch with me!
21. I've started to really enjoy cooking, and have perfected a number of dishes. My fave website is I can usually find good recipes, then tweak them to my liking!
22. I sent my kids to a Charter School this year, and am LOVING the new changes!!! They seem to be thriving, unlike at the local elementary. They are challenged so much more and are leaps and bounds beyond where I expected them to be. Needless to say, I'm impressed.
23. I unashamedly LOVE Josh Groban!! He has the most perfect voice of anyone I've ever heard, and I could just get lost in his songs!
24. When I was 4, my sister lost her first tooth & got a quarter under her pillow. I decided I wanted money, too, so I drew a paper tooth and put it under my pillow, fully confident that I'd get my quarter, too. To my dismay, I awoke to find that the tooth fairy left me a paper quarter...thanks, Mom. ( I still have the paper tooth & quarter in a scrapbook!)
25. I grew up with the understanding that you work first, play later, and I've kept to that my whole life. The problem is, now there is ALWAYS work to do, so I never take time to play! I hope to be better about taking time to just PLAY with my kids & spend more time with my husband!

Ok, Your turn...


Jennifer said...

I love the paper tooth paper quarter story! Classic.

Marisa said...

Me too, that paper quarter story cracked me up! What a clever mom!

heather said...

I had no idea you had a mission call or wanted to have 12 kids ?! ;) GO FOR IT!!! I'll be there at the padded room with you.

Jill said...

Love, love, loved this post!