Monday, October 17, 2011

So far, so.....the same.

Feeling kinda bummed today.  Mike's interview got postponed until Wed., (which means more waiting) and we got 2 more rejection letters via email, including the job that we weren't really expecting to get, but were really hoping for anyway.  That plus pregnancy hormones makes me all sorts of negative and I HATE feeling this way.

Just this weekend I was visiting with a good friend of mine who was sharing some great news with me about the launch of her new business and a new home they're purchasing.  Within a week and a half everything just fell into place for them when they weren't even looking for it.  I'm over the moon happy for their family, but I can't help but wonder, what am I doing wrong?  Am I trying too hard?  I spend at least a couple of hours every day searching for jobs for Mike and the few that we've found, we've gotten rejection letters from. (Except for the one he's interviewing with on Wed.) I feel like I'm spending a LOT of energy just spinning my wheels and it's beyond frustrating for me.

I'm hoping that giving birth will finally give my mind and my emotions a break so I can see a little more clearly.  Until then, (THREE MORE WEEKS! For those of you who are keeping tabs...) I'll continue the search, and try to keep my stress levels in check.  It's been a helluva last couple of months.


Marcie said...

Hang in there! I feel your pain, being pregnant and worrying about unemployment, not a great combination. You are not, however, doing anything wrong! We have struggled financially pretty much our whole married lives, but I believe there are lessons we are meant to learn through it all. I am sure your marriage is stronger for weathering the storms together, and you are providing a wonderful environment for your kids to grow up in. Stay strong!!

julie said...

sorry manda! I don't think you're doing anything wrong! We are keeping you guys in our prayers. Sorry you have to go through this!