Monday, December 6, 2010

Deja Vu

If you'll remember this post from last year, you'll understand why I was a little freaked out on Friday. 

I was on I-15, on my way to pick up the girls from school, when a semi in front of me tried to change lanes and sideswiped another vehicle, sending a little Ford Taurus spinning across all three lanes of traffic and skidding onto the median right next to me.  I slammed on my brakes to avoid hitting her (I don't know how she wasn't hit by anyone else), then pulled over and ran out of the van to make sure she was okay.  Other than being a little shook up, she was uninjured.  The poor little lady was on her way to pick up her granddaughter from school, and had no idea what had happened to her.  She thought maybe she'd blown a tire and lost control.  The semi that hit her (and KNEW he hit her) just kept on going and didn't bother stopping. 
I was literally 50 yards away from the location of the horrific accident I witnessed last year.  In fact, from where I was standing, I could see the mismatched concrete slabs that were replaced on the barriers because of the last accident.  It was surreal. 

I don't understand why I keep ending up with a front-row view to these situations, but I'm grateful to be one of the only ones with good enough sense to stop and help.  Traffic was CRAZY and only 3 cars stopped.  I'm not sure if the UHP caught up with the semi, but I sure hope they did.  It's one thing to make a mistake, it's another thing to run away from one. 

I'm thinking I'll be taking the backroads from now on.


Jen said...

Wow! That is bizarre that it would happen to you twice in relatively the same spot. Of course it is Utah, which is filled with Utah drivers, so actually...I'm suprised it doesn't happen more often!! :)

Ardie said...

So scary! The back roads sound like a very good idea.

julie said...

Way to go for stopping! When we had our accident, we didn't know much of what happened either. If it wasn't for another person stopping and telling us, we may have never known how lucky we were.
Bless your heart.