Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Projects #3--Maggie's Skirts

This was a really big project. While I was busy making ties for Dixon, Maggie thought it would be fun to learn how to sew, so she decided she wanted to make skirts for her sisters for Christmas. I reluctantly agreed, thinking we'd just do a simple elastic banded, knee-length skirt, but after seeing this skirt on one of her friends at church, she insisted that was the project for her!

So, we borrowed the skirt to figure out how it was made, and went to the fabric store for Mags to pick out the material. (Which she did a wonderful job doing!) We sent the girls & Dad off to the Palmer's for the football game (Thanks, Tasha! Sorry about that little accident...) and Maggie went to work ironing all the fabric pieces.
She kinda got the hang of the sewing machine, but couldn't run the foot pedal and guide the material with her hands at the same time, so since she preferred the foot pedal (If that's a sign of things to come, I can't wait till she's 16...Yikes!) I let her stick with that, while I ran the material through.

And here's the final product. I think we may have a little seamstress on our hands if her mother can be patient enough to let her do another project. Time will tell.


Tasha said...

Wow Amanda! All of these projects are just awesome. You must have the most patience of any woman I know. I would have cringed watching my kids do things on their own like that. But the final products are incredible. You've got one talented group there. And I'm glad I could help with having your other kids over while you and Maggie made the skirts. Those are so darling. And no worries about the "accident." I'm all-too familiar with knowing that those things happen. I was just thrilled that I actually had girl underwear for her so she wouldn't have to put on spiderman underoos. :)(Greg was insistent on buying some for Zion for her 2 year birthday, but it's just not happenin' yet, so I'm glad they got some use)

Jen said...

I am amazed! How old is she again?? She could sell those... I am so impressed!