Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Life (for the last 3 weeks) in Pictures

My blogging neglect is in no way reflective of my activity level for the last few weeks. I wish I'd had the energy to write more consistently, but as you'll see I've been busy doing lots of things, as the following photos reveal....

The cat decided that a sleeping Bridget made the perfect bed for her.

Fourth of July fun with a smiling Katie.

Mom got the white shirt for the messiest girl...go figure.

Maggie in one of her now standard photographic poses.

Brooke, showing off her new short hair from the front...

...and from the back.
Mom didn't do too bad for learning how to cut her hair off a YouTube video.

And of course, the spoiled boy, who HATED the fireworks, so he & Mom went inside while Dad & the girls had at it in the driveway. (Also why there are no pics of those festivities.)

My sweet little man, finally not looking like a red, wrinkled alien. Isn't he handsome?
Butter Lettuce ready to eat!
Aphid-infested broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. We couldn't salvage any of it...bummer!

The morning's harvest...Romaine lettuce, Butter lettuce, Sweet Spanish onions
& new Red Norland potatoes. Did I mention I love gardening?

After harvesting the cool crops, this is the newly double-dug bed (that took me all morning) ready to be planted with green beans! I think I'll wait until morning when it's not 90 degrees...

Corn in the back bed, Paul Robeson tomatoes in the foreground. Lots of blossoms, but no tomatoes yet...c'mon already!

The hybrid tomatoes we planted for my in-laws are already producing tomatoes. If they don't come to visit soon, we'll have to eat them ourselves before they go bad.
The things we do for our parents.
So that's what I've been doing for the past few weeks, and here's a little of what I have NOT been doing:

Cleaning my room.


Organizing the office.
...And no comments about having time to photograph my mess instead of cleaning it.


Fiddlefish said...

Yeah. As far as the vacation from was short. LOL
Your baby is ADORABLE. And I admire your garden. Good luck with your beans. I've sprayed mine, but something absolutely LOVES eating the leaves.

Marisa said...

That is a handsome little man you have there! And your lettuce looks great--we have one little head that actually grew, and loved harvesting it to put on burgers and sandwiches.